Weeknotes: overdue musings

I spent the best part of a week in Dublin where I presented at the Synthetic City conference on Unheard City and Unheard Spaces. The conference was thought provoking with some great conversations, but there is work to do. Must make the app releasable along with some of the methods.

I made a start on the overdue Fediverse crawler to get details of blocks from the various sites. I have a paper in mind and I suspect some changes to make for it. May be dog fooding is a way to go and to use things in anger. I guess that if I can get the original queries working by end of the week, I should have a sense of its actual shape and it can be more easily shared.

I am still in between things thesis-wise as processes occur. I may have begun some research for a future paper to extend some of the theoretical concepts and look at different methods. I am quite excited but nervous. I also need to sit down and to work out which hardware bits I need / want for projects and to align them with methods. Building my own hardware is somewhat daunting though but a worthwhile challenge I think.

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