Week Notes 13th March

After taking a few days off post dissertation submission, I have ended up using formal definitions within some Linked Data work that I am involved in.

To some degree, I have largely avoided them so that I can get on with writing the code. This project has gone in a different manner where the definition proved to be useful as a point for arguing against. I gained some clarity for the questions that we were asking and then identified that place where a disagreement lay, leading to the strategy to cope with it.

Using this, I am going backwards through various assertions and assumptions within algorithms to try and define any contribution.

Having realised that my dissertation focused on constraint, though in a softer manner than a definition, this is a harder, more mathematical version. I do not know at this stage where it might lead. It is perfectly possible that it is put down and the code is used, but it could go somewhere. Having spent most of the MSc avoiding these kind of questions, it is surprising to be able to come back to the logic and try and use it in a real outcome.

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