Software Carpentry and Reproducible Research at Oxford

Last month I instructed at a Software Carpentry workshop with the Reproducible Research Oxford group as Phil Fowler, my co-instructor, a has recently blogged about.

He mentions Software Carpentry’s mission about reaching science students and comments:

I think researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences have just as much, if not more, to gain from learning some of the skills we teach

This is the reason why I joined the project, as well as working with the Software Sustainability Institute. I do believe this and see some excellent programmes dotted here and there to cope with this, and this Oxford project will help towards this. I think that the programmes are being widened as the fundamental issues affect all disciplines using computation and data (not just humanities from some of the horror I’ve come across).

We are running a masterclass at the Digital Humanities Oxford Summer School, and more details will be given shortly.

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