Reactions to Mark Zuckerberg’s letter

Mark Zuckerberg published a somewhat rambling letter / essay on Facebook, Building Global Community. In itself, it comes across as rambling, trying not to really engage at a deeper level.

Surprising for me, Techcrunch called it out in Taylor Hatmaker’s piece, “What Zuck’s letter didn’t say“, pointing out the rhetoric and the reality of Facebook as a company. The interesting thing is the URL suggesting that the piece may had a another name that hasn’t been cleared from the cache.

Alex Hern in the Guardian puts it down more as a political act, something that I wouldn’t count out.

The letter comes across as trying to avoid discussing the real issues and not engaging. Facebook are in an intriguingly powerful position yet appear to be flailing in dealing with, or accepting, it.

Many words were written, many read into it, little really said.

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