Looking forward to 2016

2016, I think, will be one of completions and continuing things.

I hope that this year will be the one where I complete my Masters degree.

I look forward to doing more work with sound and sonification. It is a challenge in terms of software, art, design and patience but one that I am relishing. I’m already thinking about sensors as well.

The most important thing might be to actually bother looking after myself. At best, I cannot do the things that I’d like or need to do if I continue in much the same way in which I careened through last year. It took an off chance comment from someone at a coffee shop for me to begin to get this and how far I had stopped doing this.

I am sure that I’ll touch other things this year.

Having had some rest (and a cat on the lap), I am also continuing my work in sustainability as well next year.

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