Building the Chuck language on Ubuntu

I am currently using the ChucK language in various sonification experiments.

Using it across operating systems can be fun. Mac and Windows have installers already. Linux does not and needs to be built from source. This gives the developer a set of options for building depending on their platform.

I haveĀ  my built of this language in two ways on Ubuntu 14.04, using either the generic ALSA interface or Jack.

The absolute basic installation, using ALSA, requires the asound-dev, libsndfile1-dev, bison and flex packages to build under make-alsa.

If using Jack as well, ChucK requires the Jack headers to build against as well.

Using the Jack for some analogue to digital conversions showed me that I had to have Jack running first before ChucK could get any sound from it. I may have to alter some parameters but I did lose some quality on the inbound recording.

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