Sonification and auditory display links 9 Aug 2015

I’ve just started with sonification and auditory displays. Here are some links and articles (some are behind paywalls) that I found of interest.

I heard about a sonification of economic data, The Sound of the Economy, on the Foreign Affairs site and an adjoining paper by George Kopeczky describing it, Perspectives in Sonification of Financial Data (PDF here).

NetSon has been developed for real-time metadata analysis. David Worrall has a paper on it: NetSon: Perceptual Monitoring of Network Metadata in Realtime.

Christopher Laing and Paul Vickers discuss the use of audio displays in Context informed intelligent information infrastructures for better situational awareness.

I’ve thought about the use of audio within Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications (sparingly to be fair) but it looks like Dimitrios Darzentas, Michael Brown, Noirin Curran have come up with something in Designed to Thrill: Exploring the Effects of Multimodal Feedback on Virtual World Immersion from Human-Computer Interaction: Users and Contexts, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 9171, 2015, pp 384-395.

Philipp Mock, Jörg Edelmann, Wolfgang Rosenstiel discuss saudio displays with interactive displays in Learning Instead of Markers: Flexible Recognition of Mobile Devices on Interactive Surfaces in Distributed, Ambient, and Pervasive Interactions, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 9189, 2015, pp 325-336.

The latest issue of Leonardo journal from MIT has an article by Stephen Barrass about a 3D bowl printed from the author’s data amongst other New Interfaces for Musical Expression articles.

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