Weeknotes – Realtime conferring with correspondence

This week has been a slightly odd one in that I’ve been at a couple of conferences, the Digital Research conference (#digres) and the Research Software Engineers workshop.

In the other couple of days, I started looking at pipelines including Storm and Akka. Part of it got me writing patches but I still have a way to go with it. It did get me thinking about testing and what I would be looking for in a system.

I had a talk with Alex Butterworth about some plans and extensions to some ideas discussed on here before. There is something about talking about an old idea with someone who is new to it and seeing where it goes. I’ve made a start with it but we will see where it goes.

I have also re-written most of the core of Open Correspondence as well. Just need to tie up one more function and then do the user interface and CSS. Frustrated that I am not going to OKCon this year though. Still that’s life.


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