Weeknotes – viewing data

Although I’ve been on holiday this week and spent a fair amount of time in the garden, weeding and getting some Vitamin D via the sun.

Anyhow, I’ve been getting more into visualisation for a few potential projects. As I’ve been writing up in another (as yet unpublished) post, I’ve been working with Raphael rather than D3, mainly because I’ve been looking to do some more exploratory work which D3 is not really designed to do.

I have been looking at the idea of monadic visualisation (at the suggestion of somebody who I respect) and its concepts. I have not got quite as far as I would like but can see what needs to be done. I get a sense of how it could be really useful but need to figure out the data format for it.

The ideas have also fed into some thinking that I’ve been doing about visualising profiling data. I’ve been working on profiling some software and wanted to show what it is doing in near real-time, rather than plotting the graphs later, as well as potentially cache the data for later query or an AJAX call. That way NoSQL and a fair amount of JavaScript lie but I’m looking forward to starting it once some of the underlying scripts are written.

It has really got me thinking about some possibilities using D3 as well as Raphael for making sense of data sets and sources. Also, just having fun with some of the information to try and see a different way of presenting it (some of which is tied into the current thought train).

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