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Using RPC/Encoding on an Apache Camel route

I have been looking at Apache Servicemix for an integration project recently to route messages between services in different network zones and written in different languages together. The CXF project which is used to set up and wire together web services provides many methods of doing this and can either build a service from its […]

Reading in remote data sources into Drupal 7 part one – the custom code way

I’ve been looking at integrating a variety of different data sources in a Drupal project for various reasons but generally from the perspective of pulling data from existing sources. These do not necessarily go into the same system and equally, only parts may be required for by differing systems. In a way, I am trying […]

Wash, rinse, repeat – SOAP Bodies and calls in PHP

As part of the current job, I’ve been looking closely at SOAP and getting PHP to connect to endpoints written in other languages by other people. In my last job, I used SOAP to set up services to be contacted by¬† external suppliers and created the server. One of the challenges that I faced in […]