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Smoke testing Dockerfiles and their images

As a result of the work on building Dockerfiles to build Docker images that can then be run with the same build, I considered testing the files as it as being developed. This provides confidence that the file and Docker are installing the desired packages and that these packages can be run. One of the […]

Testing, testing – beginning test driving development with PHPUnit

I have been working on a project which has gone slightly wrong for a variety of reasons. Most of which I am not going to go into here. However one of them was a lack of testing. Not full system testing but the less glamorous and more (let’s be honest) tedious unit testing. I have […]

Weeknotes: Testing and documentation

It has been a slightly quiet week but one in which I have been working on the quieter parts of development – testing and documentation. I was helping out some colleagues by testing some existing code this week. not because I do not have any thing to do but because they are woking on something […]