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Cultures of Knowledge – Constructing Scientific Communities in the 19th and 21st centuries

This evening’s seminar, “Constructing Scientific Communities in the 19th and 21st Centuries: Science Periodicals and the Zooniverse” by Professor Sally Shuttleworth and Victoria Van Hyning, was held in the History faculty and talked about the Constructing Scientific Communities project. These are live notes and, as yet, unedited. Sally Shuttleworth Focussed on the Science Periodical. How […]

Communities, hackers and curators – some thoughts on parts of the openGLAM meeting

I was fortunate enough to get invited to the OpenGLAM expert meeting (at which I felt a slight fraud – but you get over these things quickly) on Building the Cultural Commons as part of the OKFestival. James Harriman-Smith and I had attempted to do something similar with Panton Principles for Humanities and Literature a […]

Storing data from blogs and wikis

Insitutional repositories already exist to store abstracts and documents. I was wondering if any of these have a way of storing blog posts or wiki pages and identifying their states; i.e. if a user was looking at a wiki page, they could see and archive edits to find its history. Whilst wikis do this as […]