Weeknotes: Inventory and Thesising

This week featured some time beginning a device inventory at work, something that we have been thinking of for a while. It reminds me that I must complete the image for the server infrastructure, which I fear I may have made too complicated for now. I completed the skeleton of the text analysis skills sessions as well.

The second major piece of work is getting so close to submission of the thesis. Going through a last set of corrections and rephrasing. However it is looking better for submitting very shortly.

Next week’s biggish task is to flesh out the course for next term as the skeleton exists and to deploy the tested systems onto the correct services. This requires the documentation to be written for another team. The testing and deployment process to a different server was interesting and showed a set of assumptions that will need to be fixed before the deployment is requested. I hope to abstract the issues into a checklist or documentation to support other developers.

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