Memory as Signal

Benjamin N Jacobsen’s article in New Media and Society, When is the right time to remember?: Social media memories, temporality and the kairologic, explores the concerns of memory in socio-technical systems like Twitter and Facebook. The one thing that strikes me is the idea that the window that is used.

Maybe it is a result of a couple of hours looking at Midi signals using Bela, but the windowing hints at the idea of sampling. The news feed, or temporal arrangement, becomes a series of events that are processed together within a model as an algorithmic idea of a memory as signal, or recording. I suspect that as a method, the window is not available but it suggests the movement from a temporal domain to some sort of signal one, with a feedback based on its use. Maybe the sharing is part of a reinforcement loop to conform whether the result is of interest or not.

I am not sure how one might test this but might be worth musing about and what it means for temporality.

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