Technological literacy and critical thinking

Going through some older newsletters, I came across this brief interview with Tim O’Reilly, The unwavering optimism of Tim O’Reilly, on Infoworld. Whilst his optimism that “[h]aving technical literacy is on the same level as being good at reading, writing, and speaking”, there seems to be a question of how and what is taught and learned? Typically, and there may be some exceptions, those who are good speakers, readers and writers have access to the material and time to improve. As we have seen in this recent crisis, access to such equipment and services is not equal, let alone being taught it.

As a society, we may need to move in this direction, particularly as we come into a postdigital age. However, we need to ask better and more critical questions of the solutions. What is being taught? How is it being taught? Who is teaching it? There is a growing literature of the problems of technology and these should not be forgotten as we develop more classes and lessons in this area. We need critical thinking as well as computing literacy.

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