Trying to find a work/life balance

Something that has been, quite literally, in my mind is the question of work/life balance.

I am currently working on finishing a dissertation for a Masters in Software Engineering on Behaviour Driven Development in Sonification as well as working across three different projects at work. The dissertation is on the way to first draft completion, though I’m having a few thoughts about some of the code and improving it. The code is perceived as less important than the written work but there is a principle. I hope that the work will be of use in one of the projects which is also on audio.

Parts of life fall across each other and keeping it all apart to maintain some sort of work/life balance is difficult. The Mental Health Foundation has a good guide on maintaining mental health.

There ‘s always the temptation to keep working and tweaking code, as well as writing. This is not the always on call culture but a genuine interest in what I am researching. Some of it is historical, other parts hopefully build towards the future. Some of this has uses in other projects and entails relearning some forgotten skills. But more on that anon.

One thing that I am poor at, is drawing lines under things and calling it a day. This is not that I do not have other interests but tend not to make enough time for them. More recently I have forced myself to take time for my own things and taking tome away to do some personal things (although my recycling bin is now a touch full). Now that winter is coming, the garden is being tucked up and pruned. Time to do the same for my self.

It is not as it there is a dearth of advice and I think that this is personal choice about ways of managing it. Meanwhile I will settle down to stroking the cat who has curled up next to me.


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