Weeknotes – catching up

I’ve been a little lax in catching up with week notes.

Apart from running about the place, I’ve been diving into Perl and shell scripting to visualise some log files. It looks like there are some new avenues to go with it.

The major project was getting Open Correspondence project back up with some help from Rufus Pollock and Andy Lulham. It is stripped down from the original but work is afoot on various visualisations. Mine is the one that is in early stages of looking the networks within the letters, not just the correspondents but the data within the letters. I’ve quickly hacked on this before with Twitter data but not as successfully as I would like. Also, having gone back to academia, I’ve taken the different tack of nosing around to see what has been done rather than just hacking away. Hopefully I’ll have some new visualisations shortly to replace the ones that I developed a year or so ago.



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