The book is dead, long live the book?

Forbes Magazine, via Hacker news, has an article by Trevor Butterworth, ‘As The Age Of The Physical Book Retreats, The Cult Of The Physical Book Advances‘, which perhaps re-states where we are with publishing and bookselling.

The physical book is enjoying a bit of renaissance in the sense that it appers to be viewed as thing of beauty and joy. The republishing of classics in beautiful jackets and the act of booksellers becoming publishers again shows that not only are older models of publishing/bookselling returning but also that the book’s future is not solely in electronic format.

It is a good time to rethink a cherished, for some of us, medium that we love but also to hold onto its past as somethign still vital. I’m not sure that Butterworth adds much to the argument in his article but it is a reminder that such things can, and should be, mused on.

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