Depositing blogs – feeding repositories from blogging applications

I’ve recently been working on a plugin for WordPress to set up each post as RDF enabled using OAI_ORE and SWORD which I presented to the Oxon SWIG on Tuesday.

The Berlin Declaration of Open Access states the work should be free and also that it should be deposited in a repository. This seems to be about papers and articles but what about the use of blogs, wikis and even perhaps Twitter (might be a little stretch at the moment but I could see it being used)? That suggests a layer of data which could and, where practical, should be being archived in repositories as they are being used as open Laboratory notebooks with links to data.

The plug -in that I’m working on is designed to make blogs readable in RDF for the purposes of repository deposit.

At the moment, I have written a channel which lists all the blog’s posts (using the ?repository=site ) as well as individual post’s in RDF ( using ?repository=post&repository_id= postid). I’ve been using the SIOC exporter as the base model but I’m looking at using skos to get the categories and tags out of the WordPress (and trying to leverage folksonomy through that). Next will be to look at the comments and trackbacks and using the isReferencedBy to export incoming links.

I’ve put this onto KnowledgeForge as its own project.

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