Mapping the UK – toponymy and mapping Oxfordshire

I’ve been putting together a chart of placenames and adding in sources. I need to check some of the sources to set up the correct licence but I’ve derived the base data from Wikipedia which is GFDL and now (hoorah) Creative Commons Share Alike (as I understand it but I’ll check when a few more minutes) and write the update scripts but what really strikes me is that there does not appear to a standard set of RDFa tags to use in humanities or arts data sets.

I noticed this and started thinking about it whilst looking at the Open Shakespeare project (new version is getting there and will show up Milton). I’m off to a Semantic Web event in Bristol during the week so I’ll try to look into this.

I started a map of Oxfordshire to try and mapping out the different patterns of population but this does need quite a bit of work to bring up the full data set and start trying to find out what you can really do with the data. Could do with a much larger data set though.

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