Building data stores

Mats Dahlstrom’s talk at the Dilemmas of Digitization conference mentioned the Deep Sharing: A Case for the Federated Digital library paper by Daivd Seaman.

It would be great if there was a system for rapidly building small data stores from scratch to include texts and then have these with editing software components, text encoding output (RDF and TEI to share data easily electronically rather than expect users to have to re-enter key fields, such as bibliographic data).

Last weekend, I quickly hacked up a sample from Milton’s cry for free printing, the Areopagitica, and began to rdf some of the text. I think I’ve overegged the pudding as it were by adding SKOS (I was curious to see if you can adapt it to text documents but Dublin Core is a better fit). As I am using a just a few lines of text, I didn’t use the Rdf Api for PHP but hacked up a quick template usingĀ  a database behind it. I’ll be looking to re-write this at some point soon (as I will with the beginnings of an alternate spelling database to show that you could use SKOS to highlight any alternative or misspellings in a text).

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