This site has a database of the projects funded by the Arts Council of England.The data is derived from the spreadsheets accessible on data.gov.uk at http://data.gov.uk/dataset/grants-for-the-arts-awards-arts-council-england

You can search the database by constituency and art form funded using this search form.

Visualise the Data

There is a tag cloud of the same data here.

There is a Tableau visualisation by Andy Colgrove and a visualisation of the South East data by Al Power.

Data, Creation and Licence

It was created during the Open Data Day and the search engine is continuing project.

The original data is available under the Open Government Licence. This site is licenced under the Open Data licence.

There is also a zipped archive of the data in XML format available on this site. The full is around 5.5mb when unzipped.