Active York Lido Project £15688 07 Jul 2008YorkDance
AestheticaAudience development and marketing£12000 01 Apr 2008YorkLiterature
AestheticaOrganisational redevelopment£4700 28 Nov 2005YorkLiterature
Alexandra CooperParticipation in the Affordable Art Fair - New York£1020 11 Jul 2005YorkVisual arts
Alison HepburnChimneys - 3D Mosaic Sculpture£3151 03 Apr 2007YorkVisual arts
Amie AntoniakResearch and development of individual fine art practice£1531 12 Dec 2005YorkVisual arts
Anne-Marie LoganProfessional development£4820 15 Sep 2008YorkDance
Antony Dunnpoet to Poet Translation£2830 16 May 2005YorkLiterature
Art & AboutSustainable arts for older people£5000 11 Mar 2008YorkVisual arts
Art And AboutOlder People Regeneration Project£10000 19 Sep 2005YorkVisual arts
Ben ArnupProduction of ceramics using distressed clay£8044 08 Jan 2008YorkVisual arts
Bridget ForemanNew computer equipment£950 08 Mar 2006YorkTheatre
City of York CouncilInvolve£22345 10 Mar 2009YorkNot artform specific
City of York CouncilIlluminating York festival future development£4330 01 Sep 2008YorkVisual arts
City of York CouncilIlluminating York 2008 - Artistic Programme£22570 23 Sep 2008YorkVisual arts
Dalla Contea Di LevanteDalla Contea di Levante Exhibition£3150 27 Jun 2005YorkVisual arts
Fiona ChapmanMusic for older people in residential care£12213 27 Jan 2009YorkMusic
Geodesic ArtsMe Myself and MRI£5000 27 Nov 2007YorkVisual arts
Graham MartinResearch trip (Berlin & Amsterdam)£4215 10 Feb 2009YorkVisual arts
Jonathan Poole...even silence holds breath£14783 30 Apr 2008YorkDance
Late MusicLate music festival 2007£4468 07 May 2007YorkMusic
Late MusicLate Music Festival 2008£8350 08 Jan 2008YorkMusic
Quilters Guild Of The British IslesExhibition - Quilts in time£20000 08 Jan 2008YorkVisual arts
Right Hand PublishingMarketing Activity£2300 25 Jun 2007YorkLiterature
Sallie TempleOrigin£1000 27 Aug 2007YorkVisual arts
Sight SonicYork International Festival of Digital Arts 2008£15750 13 Nov 2007YorkVisual arts
StretchArts award pilot inside£4650 05 Nov 2008YorkVisual arts
York Lesbian Arts FestivalYLAF 2008£39000 11 Dec 2007YorkLiterature
York Lesbian Arts FestivalYLAF 2007£15000 23 Jul 2007YorkLiterature
York Museums TrustTerritories£43786 05 Jun 2007YorkVisual arts
York Open StudiosYork Open Studios 2008£3800 15 Jan 2008YorkVisual arts
York St John UniversityWriting Encounters Conference - commissions£4500 04 Aug 2008YorkLiterature
YUMI (York Unifying and Multicultural Initiative)Expressions festival and explorations art project£34080 25 Mar 2008YorkCombined arts