Alexandra HoareProfessional Development£1295 22 Jul 2009WinchesterVisual arts
Alexandra HoareFont£4700 10 Nov 2009WinchesterVisual arts
Alice KettlePurchase of multi head sewing machine for craft development£9360 02 Jul 2006WinchesterVisual arts
Alice KettleAllegory£5000 20 Jul 2009WinchesterVisual arts
Alice KettleDocumentary Material Of Textile Commission £3725 11 Oct 2007WinchesterVisual arts
Andrew CarnieSeized Out Of This World£4740 26 Mar 2008WinchesterVisual arts
Andrew CarnieWe Are Where We Are£4921 03 Nov 2005WinchesterVisual arts
Anna CadyWiz and Anna - A collaboration£5000 17 Jun 2008WinchesterVisual arts
Art And MindLanguage Poetry and the Brain£5000 14 Sep 2005WinchesterCombined arts
Art And MindArt and Mind Two Year Project£50000 06 Feb 2006WinchesterCombined arts
Arts Service Hampshire County CouncilYear of Sculpture - Damien Hirst Exhibition£60000 16 Jul 2006WinchesterVisual arts
Arts Service Hampshire County CouncilSensory Landsape Project Toynbee School£5000 13 Sep 2006WinchesterVisual arts
Arts Service Hampshire County CouncilResearch and Development£10000 15 Dec 2009WinchesterMusic
Catherine Ruth ChurchArts Consultancy£2340 12 Jul 2006WinchesterAll artforms
Catherine SeagoDUOD£5000 04 Feb 2010WinchesterDance
Catherine SeagoVanishing Point£5000 26 Mar 2008WinchesterDance
Catherine SeagoHow we know we are here; Part1 Cupp£5000 16 Jan 2007WinchesterDance
Colour Factory TheThe Colour Factorys Summer Fling£5000 31 May 2006WinchesterVisual arts
Colour Factory TheFeasibility Study For Colour Factory Gallery and Studios£7500 15 May 2005WinchesterVisual arts
Colour Factory TheBrillopod£10462 23 Apr 2008WinchesterVisual arts
CornershopCornershop£18050 20 Nov 2007WinchesterTheatre
Eileen White Re-imagining the treasures of Hyde Abbey £3379 13 Jan 2010WinchesterVisual arts
Hampshire County CouncilCreative Hampshire Partnerships£120000 27 Feb 2007WinchesterCombined arts
Hampshire County CouncilSound Posts: Phase Two£43975 11 Feb 2009WinchesterVisual arts
Hampshire County Council - Schools Landscape ProgrammeThe BIG Landscape eXperiment £15000 15 May 2007WinchesterVisual arts
Hampshire Record OfficeArtist in Residence and Commission Project£4250 12 Jul 2006WinchesterVisual arts
Hat FairHat Fair programme and profile development£99999.99 06 Mar 2007WinchesterCombined arts
Hat FairHat Fair organisational development£25830 11 Feb 2009WinchesterCombined arts
Mandy TravisOrpheus - Research and Development Project£5000 26 Mar 2007WinchesterTheatre
Mandy TravisOrpheus and the Underworld: R and D Phase 2£4494 15 Jul 2008WinchesterTheatre
Marianne SharpNora and I£2330 05 Mar 2008WinchesterTheatre
Marwell Preservation TrustThe Marwell Carnival of the Animals (COTA)£21655 12 Dec 2006WinchesterMusic
Marwell WildlifeBritains First Cultural Wildlife Park£5000 01 Dec 2009WinchesterVisual arts
Melanie Rosetxt2txt an archive of text messages£5000 31 May 2006WinchesterVisual arts
Pimlico OperaTour of Bellinis Romeo and Juliet£70000 23 Feb 2007WinchesterMusic
Pimlico Opera2008 Tour & 2009 Prison Project£85500 07 Mar 2008WinchesterMusic
Platform 4Platform 4 Tempest Rehearsal/Preview Week and Tour£47521 21 Oct 2008WinchesterTheatre
Platform 4Organisational Development (Short Term)£5000 06 Feb 2007WinchesterTheatre
Platform 4Research & Development - The Tempest£28486 15 Oct 2007WinchesterTheatre
Platform 4King John Was Not A Good Man - R&D£5000 02 Jul 2009WinchesterTheatre
Prime TheatreThe Old World Tour and Reminiscence Workshops£8506 27 Feb 2007WinchesterTheatre
The River People Theatre CompanyResearch & Development For Lilly Through The Dark£4990 23 Apr 2008WinchesterTheatre
University of WinchesterNew Work (Play) Based On Workshops With Prisoners£10444 28 Nov 2007WinchesterTheatre
Wessex Youth Offending TeamEmbedding Arts in Young People at Risk in Wessex£48500 06 Aug 2006WinchesterCombined arts
Wessex Youth Offending TeamPhase 2 Of Youth Arts Coordinator Post£35000 17 Jun 2008WinchesterCombined arts
Wet PicnicThe Dinner Party & Burton£26720 08 Apr 2008WinchesterTheatre
Winchester City CouncilArt and Islam£5000 11 Oct 2006WinchesterMusic
Winchester School of Art University of SouthamptonLoop£4078 10 Jul 2008WinchesterVisual arts