Adela JonesA Professional development and research trip......£350 26 Mar 2007SalfordVisual arts
Andrew NorrisThe Do Not Pass Go Show£3550 21 Feb 2008SalfordTheatre
Audio art labAudio Art Lab : tour development£1900 12 Jan 2007SalfordVisual arts
Benjamin MellorVoices of Dissent (R&D)£2420 10 Jan 2007SalfordCombined arts
Big Life CentresEnergise and Willow Tree Community Arts Project£5000 16 Sep 2008SalfordVisual arts
BureauParticipation in Zoo Art Fair 2006£5000 28 Aug 2006SalfordVisual arts
BureauBureau - Participation in Kunst 07 Zurich£2250 22 Oct 2007SalfordVisual arts
BureauBureau - Annual Programme & Running Costs£29294 23 Oct 2005SalfordVisual arts
CampsCentral Africa Music Festival in Manchester£2887 18 Apr 2005SalfordMusic
Christopher MeadsArtistic director apprenticeship£15000 17 Feb 2009SalfordTheatre
COMMOTIONS Salford Youth Dance CompanyProgramme outreach profile research & capacity£4480 12 Aug 2009SalfordDance
Creative Industry In SalfordTraining and capacity building£15000 03 Jul 2005SalfordTheatre
David MackintoshMe you other people and the cosmos£4700 18 Dec 2007SalfordVisual arts
David MackintoshDrawings£6875 12 Jun 2005SalfordVisual arts
DIY Theatre CompanyYour Way£22855 17 Mar 2009SalfordVisual arts
DIY Theatre CompanyDoing It£59005 20 Dec 2006SalfordTheatre
Evanthia GrigoropoulouResearch and Development of new work£720 12 Jan 2007SalfordVisual arts
Hercules Productions EnterpriseSpace Dread£5000 27 May 2009SalfordTheatre
Hot Bed PressHot Bed Press Development Plan - stage One£25010 03 Jul 2006SalfordVisual arts
Innit ProductionsTHE SALFORD SEASON OF COMMUNITY PLAYS£9000 17 Jan 2007SalfordTheatre
Islington MillIslington Mills Creative Community Hall£50000 15 Mar 2010SalfordCombined arts
Islington Mill Arts ClubResearch & development into the creation & constitution.....£4000 05 Dec 2006SalfordVisual arts
Jane BrakeTower Block Tour£1710 15 May 2006SalfordVisual arts
Jonathan TraynerMILL-WORKERS - Phase 3£1420 29 May 2006SalfordVisual arts
Julie CrawshawShowBar£18845 15 Oct 2006SalfordVisual arts
Kolyn AmorUnmask£5000 09 Aug 2006SalfordDance
Manchester Artists Studio AssociationMASAs 25 Year Anniversary£5000 19 Jun 2007SalfordVisual arts
Manchester Modernist SocietyThe Manchester Kiosks£4945 20 Jan 2010SalfordVisual arts
Meninos OldhamGlobal Grooves- Afoxe Manchester£4000 21 Jul 2009SalfordCombined arts
Michael MacKenzieLast Bus£1395 31 Aug 2009SalfordVisual arts
MusicultureRetro Rumba£25475 01 Mar 2007SalfordMusic
MusicultureAfricolour 09£24089 27 Apr 2009SalfordMusic
MusicultureAfricolour 08£28960 30 Apr 2008SalfordMusic
Olivia MooreAmoghasiddhi£3200 22 Jan 2007SalfordMusic
Owl ProjectISEA09£1840 08 Sep 2009SalfordVisual arts
Owl ProjectFlight of The Owl£10210 07 Apr 2008SalfordVisual arts
Pif-Paf ArtsHONEY 2009£4980 23 Jan 2009SalfordCombined arts
Pif-Paf ArtsProduction and launch of Pif-Pafs Honey£16540 11 Feb 2008SalfordTheatre
Quarantineresearch and development for Walking Backwards£4500 02 Oct 2006SalfordTheatre
QuarantineTour of Susan & Darren£35000 06 Aug 2006SalfordTheatre
QuarantineMake-believe£48000 20 Aug 2009SalfordTheatre
QuarantineOld People Children and animals£28000 05 Feb 2008SalfordTheatre
QuarantineThe Soldier Song£5000 24 Mar 2009SalfordMusic
QuarantineUK tour of Susan & Darren£17563 25 Jul 2007SalfordTheatre
QuarantineComing and Going£15000 02 Jun 2008SalfordTheatre
Salford City Council Arts Development ServiceResearch Study: Young Peoples Dance Strategy£1768 17 Jun 2008SalfordDance
Salford City Council Arts Development ServiceHello Sailor£19325 23 Oct 2006SalfordVisual arts
Salford LIDSOld and Young on the Salford stage£2334 10 May 2009SalfordTheatre
Salford LIDSRe-Tracing Salford (in words)£3859 10 Jan 2008SalfordVisual arts
SMALLpond - Salford and Manchester Artists LinkSMALLpond (Phase 2) Research and Development£4925 24 Jan 2007SalfordVisual arts
SMALLpond - Salford and Manchester Artists LinkNorthwest Studios Development Programme£4100 06 Oct 2008SalfordNot artform specific
Suite Studio GroupNorthern Connections£4975 19 May 2008SalfordVisual arts
Susannah TresilianProfessional Development - Theatre in Europe£7944 08 Apr 2008SalfordTheatre
The LowryBeyond the Front Line£52407 21 Jun 2009SalfordTheatre
The LowryKing Cotton£100000 05 Jun 2006SalfordTheatre
The Salford Restoration OfficeThe Salford Restoration Office£20000 07 Nov 2006SalfordVisual arts
The Salford Restoration OfficeBetween Tracks£4841 05 Apr 2009SalfordVisual arts
The Salford Restoration OfficePhase Three of the Salford Restoration Office£22358 12 May 2008SalfordVisual arts
Turn OutTurn Out£5853 17 Feb 2010SalfordDance
Vista Theatre CompanySilent Joys and Broken Toys£4252 17 Apr 2006SalfordTheatre
Walk The PlankArt Car Parade£29860 09 Jul 2009SalfordVisual arts
Walk The PlankThe Art Car Parade£60000 28 Feb 2007SalfordDance