Borough Of PooleBrownsea Island Family Arts Day£9900 31 Jul 2006PooleCombined arts
Borough Of PooleFlourish - an Arts and Health Programme for Poole£46693 01 Oct 2007PooleTheatre
Bournemouth Modern Jazz ClubYoung and Diverse Series£5000 09 Jan 2006PooleMusic
Niki MccrettonHoof and Horseplay£30510 11 May 2008PooleTheatre
Niki MccrettonSpace 50 Research and Development£4950 15 May 2006PooleDance
Niki MccrettonSpace 50 The Creation£24780 02 Jan 2007PooleDance
Poole Literary FestivalPoole Literature Festival£30000 03 Mar 2010PooleLiterature
SpiritNMotionSummer School 2006 Easter School 2007£2358 31 Jul 2006PooleDance
Study Gallery TheSpreading Wings - Organisational Development£55000 07 Jul 2008PooleVisual arts
Wave Arts Education AgencyWave - Programme 2007 - 2009£79055 06 Mar 2007PooleCombined arts
Wave Arts Education AgencyWave programme 2009-2012£71758 17 Aug 2009PooleNot art form specific