20 Stories HighBabul and the Blue Bear National Tour and 2009 Dev£28567 19 May 2008LiverpoolTheatre
20 Stories HighKenny£24587 19 Dec 2008LiverpoolTheatre
20 Stories HighSlow Time£23155 15 May 2007LiverpoolTheatre
A FoundationGreenland Street Launch Programme£40000 14 Mar 2006LiverpoolVisual arts
A FoundationA Curatorial Discussion Weekend£5000 02 Apr 2007LiverpoolVisual arts
A FoundationReality Agrifashionistas by Grizedale Arts£35000 21 May 2007LiverpoolVisual arts
A FoundationGreenland Street - Summer Foundation£19300 16 Jul 2007LiverpoolVisual arts
A FoundationProgramme of Activities at Greenland Street£150000 24 Jun 2008LiverpoolVisual arts
Ade JacksonBACK TO THE MACHINE GUN£1340 02 Oct 2005LiverpoolLiterature
Alan HolmesLiverpool Arts Prize 2009£4912 25 Feb 2009LiverpoolVisual arts
Alder Hey ArtsSupport & develop an interactive Artist in Residence Prg£50000 12 Jun 2005LiverpoolCombined arts
Alexandre DecoupignyDomestic Sonics£1500 19 Oct 2005LiverpoolAll artforms
Alison JonesArt Lies and Audiotapes£5000 02 Oct 2005LiverpoolVisual arts
Alison JonesPortrait of the Artist by Proxy£4520 19 Nov 2008LiverpoolVisual arts
All Things LatinFiesta Latina£4800 09 Sep 2008LiverpoolCombined arts
All Things LatinFiesta Latina£4982 24 Sep 2007LiverpoolCombined arts
All Things LatinFiesta Latina£4350 29 Aug 2005LiverpoolCombined arts
Andy GracieVideo Microscopy£1960 28 Nov 2005LiverpoolVisual arts
Arena Art And Design AssociationA Developing Arena£12000 24 Jan 2006LiverpoolAll artforms
Big Wow Theatre CompanyDear Electricity£9958 29 Oct 2007LiverpoolTheatre
Big Wow Theatre CompanyAdvanced Reality Disco£2612 12 Jun 2005LiverpoolTheatre
Big Wow Theatre CompanyDear Electricity£3300 05 Jun 2007LiverpoolTheatre
Big Wow Theatre CompanyINSOMNOBABBLE£9776 09 Nov 2005LiverpoolTheatre
Brouhaha InternationalLiverpool International Street Festival 2006£40000 14 Mar 2006LiverpoolCombined arts
Brouhaha InternationalCrossing Borders - National Touring work£120000 30 Jan 2006LiverpoolCombined arts
Brouhaha InternationalInternational exchanges and collaborations£20000 07 May 2008LiverpoolCombined arts
Brouhaha InternationalArts Works 2005£8000 31 Jul 2005LiverpoolCombined arts
Carina TaylorRock of Ages Working title productions£2500 18 Apr 2005LiverpoolLiterature
Ch4pterOrganisational Consolidation & Project Development£11000 03 Jul 2005LiverpoolDance
ChaturanganTransition : a two-day conference...£15000 30 Oct 2007LiverpoolDance
ChaturanganA different tune£32831 27 Jan 2009LiverpoolDance
Childrens First ForumSub regional conference for Early Years£5000 02 Oct 2005LiverpoolAll artforms
Collective EncountersCollective Encounters; Past Present and Future£20000 24 Mar 2009LiverpoolTheatre
Collective EncountersLiving Place Project: Site Specific Performance£30000 03 Jul 2005LiverpoolTheatre
Collective Encounters(dis)connected£15300 24 Jan 2006LiverpoolTheatre
Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre CompanyNew Creation and Short Tour Of Two New Works£23176 24 Jun 2008LiverpoolDance
Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre CompanyCultural Dance Theatre Trio To Spain 2007£3000 24 Sep 2007LiverpoolDance
Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre CompanyNew Signdance Piece (Martin Lawrances choreography)£54000 14 Feb 2006LiverpoolDance
ConcordiaThe Cornerstone Festival 2005-2006£8400 25 Sep 2005LiverpoolDance
CreamfieldsSite@Creamfields£10000 29 Jul 2008LiverpoolVisual arts
DaDa - Disability & Deaf ArtsDaDaFest International 2008£90000 11 Dec 2007LiverpoolAll artforms
DaDa - Disability & Deaf ArtsARTS & HEALTH RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT PROJECT£4985 18 Sep 2005LiverpoolAll artforms
DaDa - Disability & Deaf ArtsSummer School 2005£8924 12 Jun 2005LiverpoolTheatre
Dance NorthwestAfrican & Caribbean Dance Development£30000 10 Apr 2005LiverpoolDance
Darren SuarezLiverpool is Burning£4950 09 Jul 2007LiverpoolDance
Dave WardCultural Visit to Hong Kong and Beijing£1394 21 Mar 2006LiverpoolLiterature
Dead Good Poets SocietyINFRASTRUCTURE SUPPORT AND NEW PROJECTS£33770 23 Oct 2005LiverpoolLiterature
Donna BerryMuyetlhekee International Artist Workshop£1100 05 Feb 2008LiverpoolVisual arts
Eleanor HawkridgeAnimal Trilogy£3568 15 Oct 2007LiverpoolVisual arts
Fact (Foundation For Art & Creative Technology)FACTs Participation in Synthetic Times £27500 04 Mar 2008LiverpoolVisual arts
Fairbridge In MerseysideBridge to the Arts£27548 26 Feb 2008LiverpoolTheatre
Fenfen HuangLantern Festival - Spring Sonata£3316 11 Dec 2007LiverpoolDance
Fittings MultimediaDanny Diva£19818 15 Jul 2008LiverpoolTheatre
Fittings MultimediaWelcome to the institute Tour£35000 30 May 2007LiverpoolTheatre
Fools Proof TheatreR&D Untitled: Inheritance Project£4450 12 Aug 2008LiverpoolTheatre
Fools Proof TheatreProduction and touring of Je suis Dead£16615 17 Feb 2009LiverpoolTheatre
Fools Proof TheatreFurther development and touring of the Eagle Has L£13602 20 Aug 2007LiverpoolTheatre
Fools Proof TheatreResearch and Development on Inheritance Project£4930 14 Mar 2008LiverpoolTheatre
FraktureNO-ONE WILL DIE£4465 10 Dec 2008LiverpoolTheatre
FraktureFrakture Creativity Program July 2008 - June 2009£5000 17 Jun 2008LiverpoolMusic
FreshFresh at South Street Reading £5000 09 Apr 2007LiverpoolCombined arts
Geoff MolyneuxMoving Mountains£1190 17 Mar 2009LiverpoolVisual arts
Graeme MaleyProfessional Development: production portfolio£1955 05 May 2008LiverpoolTheatre
Hannah PeelKinetic Fallacy presents Audiovision In associa £18450 20 Aug 2007LiverpoolMusic
HomotopiaHomotopia£26000 13 Aug 2007LiverpoolCombined arts
HomotopiaHomotopia£27500 11 Aug 2008LiverpoolCombined arts
Hope Street LimitedLaunch Pad£32210 20 Nov 2007LiverpoolAll artforms
Imogen StidworthyI Hate£9935 07 May 2007LiverpoolVisual arts
IndependentsIndependents Biennial Organisational Development £3000 30 Jul 2007LiverpoolVisual arts
IndependentsIndependents 08£32000 24 Jun 2008LiverpoolVisual arts
IndependentsIndependents Electronic Based Platform£5000 05 May 2008LiverpoolVisual arts
International Centre For Digital ContentThe Hope Street Project£18000 13 Aug 2007LiverpoolCombined arts
Jump Ship RatPOP UP: The Jump Ship Rat 2008 Programme£23200 21 Feb 2008LiverpoolVisual arts
Jump Ship RatThe Dockers Umbrella£5000 27 Aug 2007LiverpoolVisual arts
Karen McLeodMorphine£2039 10 Mar 2009LiverpoolDance
Laura PulligTo further develop my practice ...£2882 23 Jul 2007LiverpoolVisual arts
Laurence Clark12% Evil£4000 02 May 2007LiverpoolTheatre
Laurence Clark12% Evil - Performances at High Beam Global£2304.4 11 Feb 2008LiverpoolTheatre
Laurence PayotMaquette for a landscape£4000 01 Oct 2008LiverpoolVisual arts
Li Sheng ChengThe Goldsmiths Fair & Origin£2400 30 Jul 2007LiverpoolVisual arts
Liverpool Carnival CompanyLiverpool Carnival 2008£20000 24 Oct 2007LiverpoolCombined arts
Liverpool City Council as accountable body for Liverpool Culture companyDA BOYZ Project£5000 16 Sep 2008LiverpoolTheatre
Liverpool City Council as accountable body for Liverpool Culture companyArt of Living - Creative Health and Well Being£10000 17 Jun 2008LiverpoolMusic
Liverpool Culture CompanyBig Dance 08£30000 26 May 2008LiverpoolDance
Liverpool Everyman & PlayhouseFulfil the Expectations for Capital of Culture£249500 07 Apr 2008LiverpoolTheatre
Liverpool Everyman & PlayhousePurchase Of New Box Office System£50000 12 May 2008LiverpoolTheatre
Liverpool Improvisation CollectiveResearch development creation of new dance space£4999 12 May 2008LiverpoolDance
Liverpool Irish Festival SocietyThree Events - Discovering the Liverpool Irish £5000 11 Aug 2008LiverpoolCombined arts
Liverpool Lantern CompanyHalloween Lantern Carnival 2008£36000 09 Sep 2008LiverpoolCombined arts
Liverpool Lantern CompanyAnnual Programme with specific reference to Hallo£30000 16 Sep 2007LiverpoolCombined arts
Liverpool LighthouseInternational Gospel Arts Summit 08£5000 07 Apr 2008LiverpoolMusic
Liverpool Music WeekLiverpool Music Week£10000 13 Nov 2007LiverpoolMusic
Liverpool Music WeekLiverpool music week£4999 16 Sep 2008LiverpoolMusic
Liverpool ReadsLiverpool Reads..... Mal Peet£20000 30 Oct 2007LiverpoolLiterature
Liverpools Young Culture Action GroupCreating Creative Opportunities£10888 26 Feb 2008LiverpoolCombined arts
Lucy JohnstonNumber 45 Hope Street: An Exhibition£1800 28 Mar 2008LiverpoolVisual arts
MascoMushairas&Kavi Samelan (poetry recitation)£1948 11 Aug 2008LiverpoolLiterature
MascoMushairas & Kavi Samelan£1807 30 Jul 2007LiverpoolLiterature
MENCAP LiverpoolSensory Trail for Speke Hall£4400 21 Feb 2008LiverpoolVisual arts
MercyWave If Youre Really There£4500 21 Apr 2008LiverpoolLiterature
Merseyside AcmeFuture Fit: Merseyside ACME Org Development£25000 05 Jun 2007LiverpoolNot artform specific
Merseyside AcmeSound City£21000 07 Apr 2008LiverpoolMusic
Merseyside AcmeLiverpool Sound City - SXSW Mission£40000 06 Jan 2009LiverpoolMusic
Merseyside Dance InitiativeBritish Dance: Edition 2008£94000 19 Sep 2007LiverpoolDance
Merseyside Dance InitiativeCapital Nights£35860 07 Jul 2008LiverpoolDance
Merseyside Youth Theatre Development250£20400 23 Jul 2007LiverpoolTheatre
MetaConcept LtdPlanet Art Exchange£5000 01 Jul 2008LiverpoolVisual arts
Momentum Theatre LtdR&D - Physical Feast£34112 05 Nov 2008LiverpoolTheatre
Momentum Theatre LtdAnima National Tour 2£14854 04 Sep 2008LiverpoolTheatre
Momentum Theatre LtdNational Tour of Anima£20672 07 Feb 2008LiverpoolTheatre
National Museums Liverpool (NML)Ben Johnson Cityscape community engagement program£9335 15 Jan 2008LiverpoolVisual arts
Neutral SpoonLewiss£23970 10 Mar 2009LiverpoolVisual arts
NewHeartlandsArt for Places£50000 18 Mar 2008LiverpoolVisual arts
Nina EdgeResidency public production of radical textiles d£4500 24 Sep 2007LiverpoolVisual arts
Nina HajiyianniAttend the Next Generation Project as part of the 1£1232 18 Dec 2007LiverpoolTheatre
North West Regional Council Of The TUCCreative Working£28460 27 Nov 2007LiverpoolCombined arts
Pagoda Chinese Youth OrchestraAim Higher Pilot Scheme£12030 02 May 2007LiverpoolMusic
Paul RooneyDevelopment of my Artistic Practice & Career£21300 03 Sep 2007LiverpoolVisual arts
Poetry In The CityPoetry in the City Festival Liverpool 2008£10240 08 Jan 2008LiverpoolLiterature
poolBridging the Gap£5000 21 Feb 2008LiverpoolVisual arts
RIBA NWRichard Wilson Exhibition: Turning the Place Over£3886 07 May 2007LiverpoolVisual arts
Royal Court Liverpool Trust LtdRoyal Court Trust - Engagement & Participation Y1£15000 19 Dec 2008LiverpoolTheatre
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic SocietyCapital Feasability Study Part 2£35000 04 Mar 2008LiverpoolMusic
Sean HawkridgeSean Hawkridge: Makes Giving Easy£4774 12 May 2008LiverpoolVisual arts
SoundNetworkSoundNetwork 2008-2009£27975 14 Apr 2008LiverpoolMusic
SoundNetworkSoundNetwork 2007£20000 22 May 2007LiverpoolVisual arts
Spike TheatreThe creation and tour of The Sandman£24075 12 Dec 2008LiverpoolTheatre
Spike TheatreR & D for The Sandman£4800 05 Aug 2008LiverpoolTheatre
St Anne Stanley Church ChoirOrgan development: the addition of a Tuba Stop£1625 05 May 2008LiverpoolMusic
Stray Cat MediaWrite on Liverpool£15570 29 Jul 2008LiverpoolVisual arts
TaciturnFresh£5000 22 Oct 2007LiverpoolDance
Tania OakshottOne Year on at new designers 2007£1500 11 Jun 2007LiverpoolVisual arts
Tate LiverpoolThe Fifth Floor£10000 25 Aug 2008LiverpoolVisual arts
The BluecoatIT Fit-out of Bluecoat Arts Centre£71470 02 Jul 2007LiverpoolVisual arts
The BluecoatBluecoat Literature Development£53692 30 Jul 2007LiverpoolVisual arts
The Bridewell GalleryThe Bridewell Gallery: Programme late 08£4853 30 Oct 2008LiverpoolVisual arts
The Bridewell GalleryThe Bridewell Studios Gallery Exhibition Programme£8500 05 Jun 2007LiverpoolVisual arts
The Cornerstone FestivalThe Cornerstone Festival 2007£5000 07 Oct 2007LiverpoolCombined arts
The Green FuseSpin and Wind£4510 09 Jul 2007LiverpoolCombined arts
The Green FuseRope the Blowing Wind£5000 30 Jan 2008LiverpoolVisual arts
The Kitchen GalleryMaking Stuff£3416 13 Aug 2007LiverpoolVisual arts
The Kitchen GalleryThe Second Kitchen Gallery Open Exhibition for Art£4000 21 Feb 2008LiverpoolVisual arts
The Liverpool and Manchester Design Initiative LtdNorth West Design Show (working Title)£50000 05 Jun 2007LiverpoolVisual arts
The Music Development AgencySxSW 2008 Trade Mission£5000 30 Jan 2008LiverpoolMusic
The Muslim Cultural Festival of LiverpoolThe Arts Souq (Bazaar)£3000 23 Jul 2007LiverpoolCombined arts
The Osun Arts FoundationMoremi£16150 18 Sep 2008LiverpoolCombined arts
The Picket LimitedThe New Picket Phoenix Initiative£25000 13 Apr 2008LiverpoolMusic
The ReaderProgramme of work 2008: Shipping Lines Radius 200£30000 15 Oct 2007LiverpoolLiterature
The Royal Standard1 Year Development Plan£25000 05 May 2008LiverpoolVisual arts
The Specialist Hepato-biliary (Liver) Cancer TeamA play reading of Queue of Dreams written by Olg£4498 11 Jun 2007LiverpoolTheatre
Ullaloom Theatre CompanyCreation and presentation of a new piece The Dark£5000 18 Dec 2007LiverpoolTheatre
Unity TheatreAudience Development on Merseyside£83993 28 Apr 2008LiverpoolTheatre
Urban Strawberry LunchLunch at St Lukes£4850 02 Jun 2008LiverpoolMusic
Valley Community TheatreInvolvement and Development£5250 07 Nov 2007LiverpoolCombined arts
Visual Arts Liverpool (VAL)Visual arts in Liverpool 2008 Advocacy£85000 27 Aug 2007LiverpoolVisual arts
Wired Aerial TheatreHandmade/Manmade Tour£30606 15 Jan 2008LiverpoolDance
Yambi Africa LtdDevelopment of local African Artists and drama...£4905 25 Jun 2007LiverpoolTheatre
ZHO Visual TheatreMaking the Invisible Visible£32500 22 May 2008LiverpoolVisual arts