Alasdair HopwoodMaking With You - the second phase£16040 21 Mar 2006LewishamVisual arts
Alia SyedA Story Told£20125 06 Feb 2006LewishamVisual arts
AmplifiedAmplified Visual Arts/Music Showcases£11700 23 Jun 2008LewishamMusic
Ana Sanchez-ColbergResearch & Development: Holds No Memory£3400 20 Jun 2005LewishamDance
Ana Sanchez-ColbergHolds No Memory£9500 21 Feb 2006LewishamDance
Andrew CrossAbove and Below£5000 27 Aug 2007LewishamVisual arts
Andrew StibbsSigned Song Music Business£1673.17 25 Apr 2005LewishamMusic
Anna ColinRadio Gallery£18810 07 Mar 2006LewishamVisual arts
Apples & SnakesSchool of Dark£53075 03 May 2007LewishamLiterature
Apples & SnakesTwofive: From Vinyl to Download£74960 09 Jul 2007LewishamLiterature
Apples & SnakesWord Cup£54550 27 Mar 2006LewishamLiterature
Apples & SnakesTemptation£67325 17 Jul 2005LewishamLiterature
Apples & SnakesMy Place Or Yours£68325 01 Oct 2008LewishamLiterature
Books for KeepsOrganisational Development£14500 11 Dec 2007LewishamLiterature
Bruno RoubicekMobilis in Mobili£4965 07 Jul 2008LewishamTheatre
Claire DoyleRoma Anthem Research£855 04 Jul 2005LewishamMusic
Clare PageDesign of two wallpapers: Landfill and Breakthrough£5000 04 Apr 2005LewishamVisual arts
Creative Process60th Anniversary of the NHS poet in residence£5000 09 Sep 2008LewishamLiterature
Daniel GoslingProfessional development and production£4999 29 Aug 2005LewishamVisual arts
EddyPing Pong£2682 19 Dec 2008LewishamVisual arts
Entelechy Arts LimitedSeven Ages£36000 29 May 2007LewishamTheatre
EveolutionNew Cross Gate and Pepys Community Choirs£14528 09 Jan 2008LewishamMusic
Heartn SoulLets Get Together£20000 10 Jul 2008LewishamVisual arts
Isabel YoungLaing Solo£4160 28 Aug 2007LewishamVisual arts
Johannes MaierHuo 24 Hours£3200 19 Dec 2008LewishamVisual arts
Jonathan WadeOrigin 2007£2465 20 Aug 2007LewishamVisual arts
Julia BardsleyAlmost the Same (improvements on nature)£4900 04 Jun 2007LewishamTheatre
Julia BardsleyAlmost the Same£14975 13 Nov 2007LewishamTheatre
Julia BardsleyAftermath: A Tear in the Meat of Vision£29731 06 Oct 2008LewishamTheatre
Junior Ola DimejiBook Launch Monologues£4708 01 Oct 2007LewishamLiterature
Lewisham Library and Information ServiceNorth South and Central: Lewisham Voices & Stories£18530 02 Jul 2007LewishamLiterature
London Borough of LewishamSpeak Out - Evaluation Project£15810 17 Sep 2007LewishamNot artform specific
Maya SelwayMaya£3300 09 Jul 2007LewishamVisual arts
Mojisola AdebayoMuhammad Ali and Me£31100 05 May 2008LewishamTheatre
Mojisola AdebayoMatt Henson North Star£5000 27 Mar 2009LewishamTheatre
Moonstruck Astronaut Theatre CompanyMoonstruck Astronaut Theatre Company£3730 02 Dec 2008LewishamTheatre
Nicholai La BarrieChet Baker: Speedball - at Oval House£12500 06 Aug 2007LewishamMusic
Penny Dreadful ProductionsThe Palace of Varieties£24500 15 Apr 2008LewishamTheatre
Regular Music IIAgainst Oblivion Part 2£5000 17 Mar 2009LewishamMusic
RollingsoundJazz Hip Hop Project (working title)£30270 27 Mar 2009LewishamMusic
Rosaline TingJourneys£4994 26 May 2008LewishamTheatre
Sara MacKillopFloor/Wall£2550 16 Jan 2008LewishamVisual arts
Streetvibes UKLyrical Expressions - Urban Arts Showcase£2468 25 Sep 2007LewishamMusic
Tamzen MouldingViolet Smile£4939 27 Mar 2009LewishamTheatre
The AlbanyLive Literature Consortium£64198 16 Oct 2008LewishamLiterature
The Midi Music CompanyInto the future - IT equipment and software update£20000 09 Dec 2008LewishamMusic
Tom DaleKings Island£13940 23 Jun 2008LewishamVisual arts
Vernon DouglasThe Maid£4695 18 Mar 2008LewishamTheatre