141A Management LtdLondon Bite The Mic£18000 29 Sep 2008LambethMusic
198 Contemporary Arts and LearningCommunications and Artistic Programme Development£50000 29 Mar 2006LambethVisual arts
198 Contemporary Arts and LearningTrauma and Art - The Hidden Scars£4981 07 Feb 2006LambethVisual arts
4 The Record InitiativeUnderexposed£30000 05 Dec 2007LambethVisual arts
A Head TallerMaking Changes£11108 01 Oct 2007LambethNot artform specific
A Head Taller1) The Language of Drama 2) The Language of Drama - Peer Education£7980 03 Oct 2005LambethTheatre
African Music AgencyAfrican Blues - DaDa£11000 07 Nov 2005LambethArtform not classified
Alan MccormickDogsbodies and Block Stories£5000 03 Oct 2005LambethLiterature
Alice Maude RoxbyRecording Live Art£4945 04 Jul 2005LambethVisual arts
Allyson DevenishEthnic Variations: Classical Traditions£4065 22 Aug 2005LambethMusic
Allyson DevenishAttend the Conference on Black Music Research£1500 21 Feb 2006LambethMusic
Allyson DevenishResearch at the Centre for Black Music Research£1300 02 May 2005LambethMusic
Amy HowardThe Honk Project£12000 20 Oct 2008LambethTheatre
Anna BarriballAnna Barriball Publication£5000 11 Apr 2005LambethVisual arts
Anna LinstrumResearch and Development£4894 03 Oct 2005LambethTheatre
Arne PohlmeierVakomana Vaviri ve Zimbabwe£5000 09 Sep 2008LambethTheatre
Arts Community ExchangeCommunity Arts Leader Award (CALA)£20000 20 Jan 2009LambethCombined arts
Ayse TashkiranChi Chi Bunichi£5000 01 May 2007LambethTheatre
Baden PrinceThe Speakeasy Showcase£5000 03 Oct 2005LambethLiterature
Blind Summit TheatreUK National Tour of Low Life£29457 09 Aug 2007LambethTheatre
Blind Summit Theatre Low Life in the London International Mime Festival£5000 13 Dec 2005LambethTheatre
Blind Summit Theatre1984 Production and Tour Proposal£41229 09 Mar 2009LambethTheatre
Braunarts LtdThe Dark in Liverpool £19999 05 Jun 2005LambethCombined arts
Braunarts LtdNo Shelter From The Storm R+D£5000 28 Oct 2008LambethVisual arts
Brian ChikwavaThe Carnival Must Go On: A Novel£5000 18 Apr 2005LambethLiterature
British Film InstituteBFI Southbank Gallery Exhibitions 2008 - 2009£30000 06 Oct 2008LambethVisual arts
British Film InstituteThe Gallery at bfi Southbank£100000 13 Dec 2005LambethVisual arts
Bureau of Silly Ideas LtdOrganisational development & creation of new work£99235 15 Oct 2007LambethTheatre
Cape FarewellThe ship£200000 14 Aug 2005LambethCombined arts
Carnival De CubaCarnival de Cuba 2007£5000 29 May 2007LambethCombined arts
Cfbt Action Zone - Brixton And North LambethConsultancy support£2300 08 Aug 2005LambethCombined arts
Chris EnglandStan Charlie and me£4500 30 May 2005LambethLiterature
Claire CollisonTo complete a first draft of the novel Refinery£5000 21 Mar 2006LambethLiterature
Claire DowieSODOM£15500 21 Mar 2006LambethTheatre
Collective ArtistesIT Equipment for New Studio & Offices£5000 11 Jul 2005LambethTheatre
Collective ArtistesSexual Health Peer Education Drama Project£5000 24 Jul 2007LambethTheatre
Company of AngelsOrganisational Development: Branding and Young Angels R&D£27631 15 Nov 2005LambethTheatre
Company of AngelsTheatre Cafe Europe - London£31703 09 Jul 2007LambethTheatre
Company of AngelsAngels EAST 3 Year Project£182013 21 Feb 2006LambethArtform not classified
Contemporary Clowning Projectsonly fools (no horses)£76759 14 Aug 2005LambethTheatre
Corali Dance CompanyCorali Organisational Development£17575 05 Feb 2008LambethDance
Corali Dance CompanyCourt£4910 10 Oct 2005LambethDance
Courttia NewlandXaymaca£7000 10 Feb 2009LambethLiterature
Dan FontelliBlank Projects£4975 23 May 2005LambethCombined arts
Dance Touring Partnership UK Tour - Twelfth Floor by Tanja Liedtke£135535 16 Oct 2008LambethDance
Dance Touring Partnership DTP Tour of Hofesh Shecter Company£46693 16 Apr 2008LambethDance
Dance Touring Partnership International co-production and UK tour £264525 30 May 2007LambethDance
Dance Touring Partnership DTP Moving UP programme Phase 2: supporting the transition to the middle scale by UK artists-Creation£184195 28 Feb 2006LambethDance
Dance Touring Partnership Moving Up: Supporting the Transition to the Middle Scale by UK Artists£83534 22 May 2005LambethDance
Dance Touring Partnership Renegade UK Tour£154072 28 Aug 2005LambethDance
Dave BurrowsPlastique Fantstique ( Project for art exhibition east 05)£1970 30 May 2005LambethVisual arts
David TabornEstablished Artist Fellowship£4882 24 Jan 2006LambethVisual arts
Delia MacauleyThe Petticoat Man£5000 04 Aug 2008LambethLiterature
Dinah RoeThe Rossettis In Wonderland: A Victorian Biography£5000 16 Dec 2008LambethLiterature
Elyssa LivergantA Kiss from the Last Grey Squirrel£4170 28 Apr 2008LambethTheatre
Emma SmithGround£5000 26 May 2008LambethVisual arts
Fevered SleepBrilliant£83442 25 Jul 2007LambethTheatre
Fevered SleepAn Infinite Line£29881 30 Jul 2007LambethTheatre
Fevered SleepOn Ageing; And the Snow Falls Down and Org Dev£38539 16 Jun 2008LambethTheatre
Gasworks GalleryGasworks International Fellowships Programme£65556 29 May 2008LambethVisual arts
Good VibrationsGamelan in prisons and secure hospitals£50000 24 Mar 2009LambethMusic
Grace NdirituStudio residency and New York exhibition£4900 19 Dec 2007LambethVisual arts
Heidi James-GarwoodSocial Disease Publishing£3650 06 Nov 2007LambethLiterature
Helen BarffUpside-down Harbour£2861 21 Jul 2008LambethVisual arts
Helen SmithThe Miracle Inspector£5000 05 May 2008LambethLiterature
Home Live Art LtdHarvest It£45000 24 Apr 2007LambethVisual arts
Home Live Art LtdThe Big Event£40000 19 Dec 2008LambethCombined arts
Home Live Art LtdA Big Knees Up Amongst Friends£34130 04 Sep 2008LambethDance
Housni HassanDJs Professional Development£3290 27 Mar 2009LambethDance
Indra KhannaSolo exhibition for Donald Locke£30320 20 Mar 2008LambethVisual arts
Irene Taylor TrustInside Out£37500 22 Apr 2008LambethMusic
Jananne Al-AniThe Aesthetics of Disappearance£4733 17 Jun 2008LambethVisual arts
Jason OddyNotes from the Desert£5000 11 Sep 2007LambethLiterature
Jock MooneyNew Works£3110 22 Jan 2008LambethVisual arts
Julie FlavellBandstands Summer Season£5000 08 May 2007LambethMusic
Kapa ProductionsKapa Touring 2008£48632 20 Mar 2008LambethMusic
Karin RuggaberFacade Project for East international 2007£2900 07 May 2007LambethVisual arts
Katrina NaomiCompletion of a first collection of poetry£3655 20 Oct 2008LambethLiterature
LeibnizThe Book of Blood / Ghost Letters£4900 29 Sep 2008LambethVisual arts
Linda MarloweTime Step£10490 14 Aug 2007LambethTheatre
Lisa SpirlingResearch & development on Hundreds And Thousands£5000 13 Oct 2008LambethTheatre
Liz CooperMichael Swaine: Door to Door Darning£4440 26 May 2008LambethVisual arts
Lolly BattyExhibitor for East International 2007£2000 02 Jul 2007LambethVisual arts
London Philharmonic OrchestraLondon Philharmonic Orchestra South East Residency£10928 24 Jul 2007LambethMusic
Mandinga ArtsMandinga Business Development£13950 09 Dec 2008LambethCombined arts
Melanie PappenheimFLAM - part 2£3738 14 Jul 2008LambethMusic
Michelle CottonProject for Yama Istanbul£6500 30 May 2007LambethVisual arts
New Economics FoundationThe Slow Festival of Britain - R&D phase£5000 29 Sep 2008LambethNot artform specific
New Leader FoundationMind Blowing Decisions£4970 09 Jul 2007LambethCombined arts
Nick StewartThe Museum of the Border£6300 30 Oct 2007LambethVisual arts
Node LondonNode London Online Platform£5000 25 Nov 2008LambethVisual arts
Old Vic Theatre TrustNew Voices Writing Masterclasses£2100 13 Nov 2007LambethTheatre
Ori GershtEvaders£5000 20 Jan 2009LambethVisual arts
Ori GershtFalling Bird£5000 19 Dec 2007LambethVisual arts
Patricia BossioTranstango - Urban Encounters£4915 27 Jan 2009LambethMusic
Patrick LynchHansel and Gretel and Circus Minimus£24967 03 Oct 2007LambethTheatre
Patrick LynchWhat a wonderful world£29044 12 Dec 2008LambethTheatre
Patrizia PaoliniScar Stories£3672 01 May 2007LambethTheatre
Phoenix Carnival Costume BandArts and Craft Workshop (In D Mix)£12750 01 Apr 2008LambethCombined arts
Refugee WeekCelebrating Sanctuary£36430 08 May 2007LambethCombined arts
Refugee WeekCelebrating Sanctuary£33640 22 Apr 2008LambethCombined arts
Rex ObanoThe Day After£4110 11 Nov 2008LambethTheatre
Richard DeakinThe London International Poetry and Song Festival £3500 01 Oct 2007LambethLiterature
Richard GraysonThe Golden Space City Of God£5000 09 Sep 2008LambethVisual arts
Rukus Federation LtdStage 1 Mangina Monologues (Oval House)£9100 28 Nov 2007LambethTheatre
Shalini GidoomalResearch and Complete First Draft of Novel Phoren£4950 05 Dec 2007LambethLiterature
Shelley SilasFalling in Love (Again)£4500 11 Dec 2007LambethTheatre
Southbank Centre LimitedOverture Weekend£100000 21 May 2007LambethCombined arts
Southbank SinfoniaCollaborative Jazz£3090 27 Mar 2009LambethMusic
Stonewall Equality LtdFit£31104 10 Jul 2007LambethTheatre
Streatham Arts FestivalFruit Salad and Other Eccentric Vehicle Projects£4985 04 Jun 2007LambethCombined arts
Streatham Festival AssociationStreatham Spectacular£19759 05 May 2008LambethCombined arts
Studio VoltaireOrganisational Development£20500 25 Nov 2008LambethVisual arts
Studio VoltaireKaraoke£25105 13 Nov 2007LambethVisual arts
Tell TalesTell Tales Volume 4£13645 09 Oct 2007LambethLiterature
TemporarycontemporaryEvent Horizon£30000 19 Dec 2007LambethVisual arts
Thames FestivalFeast on the Bridge£60193 21 May 2007LambethCombined arts
The Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and MidwiferyCulture and Care Programme composers residency£15000 17 Mar 2009LambethMusic
The National Literacy Trust (NLT) - Reading The Game (RTG) Reading The Game£200000 09 Jan 2009LambethLiterature
They Are HereHalfway House£5000 11 Sep 2007LambethVisual arts
Valerie Mason-JohnSierra Leone Research£6024 30 Jul 2007LambethLiterature
Zineb SediraMiddle Sea£30000 25 Jun 2007LambethVisual arts