Alison CrowtherStrengthening Alison Crowther£5000 16 Apr 2007ChichesterVisual arts
ArtRefugeLOCUS£36078 22 Jul 2009ChichesterVisual arts
Bedlam Dance CompanyDoing Done & Undone£34896 04 Dec 2007ChichesterDance
Bedlam Dance CompanyPilot Participatory Projects & Org Development£16194 21 Oct 2008ChichesterDance
Bootworks Theatre CollectiveThe Black Box; research and development£4940 17 Dec 2008ChichesterCombined arts
Chichester Festival TheatreDirector training scheme£31875 22 Jan 2009ChichesterTheatre
Chichester Festival TheatreNicholas Nickleby£297000 20 Nov 2006ChichesterTheatre
Chichester Festivities LtdNEWS (North-East-West-South) When 4 streets meet£78157 25 Mar 2009ChichesterCombined arts
Gillian Plowman ProductionsYours Abundantly£25008 29 Jan 2008ChichesterTheatre
Lila DanceCreative Development£5000 26 Jan 2010ChichesterDance
Lila DanceCreative Development via 2 collaborative projects£5000 06 Jun 2007ChichesterDance
Otter GalleryTactile Art Project£10000 18 Jun 2006ChichesterVisual arts
Pallant House GalleryPartners in Art Telling the story£19510 17 Jun 2008ChichesterVisual arts
Passionfish ProductionsDevelopment of the Ofsted Inspector Script£4980 12 Jul 2006ChichesterTheatre
Petworth FestivalDeveloping New Programming & Audiences £5000 29 Jan 2008ChichesterMusic
Robert Danielsscore zer0: dance new media and task-based choreography£4474 14 Aug 2006ChichesterCombined arts
Roots Around The WorldThe Dialog Project£66338 03 Jul 2007ChichesterCombined arts
South Coast Design ForumEstablishing a "Designer Maker Group"£15000 28 Aug 2007ChichesterVisual arts
University Of ChichesterThe ShowRoom Project£43240 12 Aug 2008ChichesterTheatre
West Dean Tapestry StudioWest Dean Tapestry Studio @ Collect 2009£5000 22 Jan 2009ChichesterVisual arts
West Sussex County CouncilPoems & Puddings£5000 14 May 2006ChichesterLiterature
West Sussex County CouncilFuture Steps CDi 2£59320 18 Jun 2006ChichesterDance
West Sussex County CouncilCelebrate West Sussex£92000 14 Jan 2009ChichesterCombined arts
West Sussex County CouncilPoems & Puddings£60000 18 Dec 2007ChichesterLiterature
West Sussex County CouncilMaking Tracks£64000 23 Nov 2009ChichesterNot art form specific
West Sussex County CouncilWest Sussex Youth Arts Development Plan£39600 06 Nov 2006ChichesterMusic
Yael Flexer and Nic Sandiland /Dance and Digital Works2010 - 2011 Events and Site Specific Installations£99983 11 Jan 2010ChichesterCombined arts