Alexis Zelda StevensOutside the Frame£3770 16 Dec 2005CarrickVisual arts
Angela PraedThe Bed - all nighter tour£4360 25 Sep 2005CarrickDance
Arts For Health Cornwall & Scilly IslesArts in Primary Care£86460 06 Feb 2006CarrickCombined arts
BlipThe Big Blip 05£4985 28 Sep 2005CarrickCombined arts
Cascade Theatre CompanyJust Like a Woman£1500 31 Jul 2005CarrickTheatre
Cornwall County CouncilTate St Ives Pre-construction Project£95000 25 Nov 2005CarrickVisual arts
Cornwall Library ServiceWords for Wellbeing£2250 14 Apr 2008CarrickLiterature
Cornwall Library ServiceWonderful Words£22500 06 Feb 2006CarrickLiterature
Cornwall Library ServiceWonderful Words Festival£18745 19 May 2008CarrickLiterature
CScape DanceC-Scape Organisational Development£4400 19 Sep 2005CarrickDance
CScape DanceGuilty Fingers (Women at War) Re Tour£8180 09 Aug 2007CarrickDance
CScape DanceThe Below Tour£4900 26 Feb 2008CarrickDance
CubeHamlet Tour£29586 18 Oct 2007CarrickTheatre
Georgina KennedyDocumenta 12 & Munster Sculpture project trip£470 18 Jun 2007CarrickVisual arts
John HowardDevelopment of John Howard: Printmaking Studio£4707 16 Apr 2007CarrickVisual arts
John HowardPhotopolymer printmaking facilities£7724 11 Nov 2008CarrickVisual arts
Kneehigh TheatreThe Kneehigh Asylum£50000 20 Jan 2009CarrickTheatre
Matthew PontinEmbark: Ferry Art 2008£4970 04 Mar 2008CarrickVisual arts
Michael Broughton1st London Solo Show£2500 15 Oct 2007CarrickVisual arts
Rupert£5000 15 Oct 2007CarrickCombined arts
Sally WilliamsSally Williams Professional Dev / Collaboration£4980 18 Jun 2007CarrickDance
Susan KinleyA series of Shaped Glass Panels for Exhibition£2000 24 Feb 2009CarrickVisual arts
Swamp Circus Circo Kernow 2007£4955 23 Jul 2007CarrickTheatre
Swamp Circus Circo Kernow 2008£5000 30 Jun 2008CarrickTheatre
Theatre South WestAurora Nova Touring Goes West (ANTGW)£62984 09 Apr 2007CarrickDance
Theatre South WestSouth West New Writing Network£29930 06 Nov 2007CarrickTheatre
Victoria FieldCornwall - North America Poetry Links£4666 02 Apr 2007CarrickLiterature
WildworksOperational support for Beautiful Journey Project£198055 16 Apr 2008CarrickTheatre
WildworksThe Beautiful Journey£410000 23 Feb 2009CarrickTheatre
WildworksOrganisational Development£12150 03 Sep 2007CarrickTheatre
WildworksSouterrain£30000 02 Apr 2007CarrickAll artforms
Zebs Young Peoples VenueZebs Music Project£26210 01 Oct 2007CarrickMusic