4 Women ProductionsFour Women - End of the Floetics£5000 13 Feb 2006BirminghamTheatre
7 Inch Cinema1st Flatpack Festival£5000 21 Nov 2005BirminghamAll artforms
A2:RtBrave New Brum£20000 22 May 2005BirminghamCombined arts
Aakash OdedraAakash Odedra - professional development programme£10175 03 Jun 2008BirminghamDance
AasA Stranger Drifts Into Town or Someone Goes on a Journey£4960 17 Jul 2005BirminghamVisual arts
Aasa.a.s.£4223 20 Mar 2006BirminghamVisual arts
Abid IqbalMentoring support to become a promoter £5000 25 Nov 2008BirminghamMusic
Abigail SeabrookWomen and 18th Century Pop£4900 29 Jul 2008BirminghamMusic
ABS Latin PromotionsInti Raymi (The Incas Sun Festival)£5000 22 May 2005BirminghamCombined arts
ABS Latin PromotionsArtistic Programme Development Phase II£16750 05 Jun 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Adeoti Arts & CraftsTraditional African Dance with Ghana Dance Ensemble£5000 11 Sep 2005BirminghamDance
Age Concern BirminghamRenew You£60241 26 Mar 2006BirminghamDance
Alicja RogalskaMyself Portrait£4700 15 May 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Alvin KellyVision of a Better Future£5000 16 Jan 2006BirminghamVisual arts
Andrew HornInternational Craft Biennale in Cheongju S Korea£600 02 Oct 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Andrew NewshamDisorganized Crime - A Novel£4005 05 Dec 2005BirminghamLiterature
Andy HamiltonAndy Hamilton & the Notebenders Project£14480 31 Jan 2008BirminghamMusic
Andy HamiltonAndy Hamilton Music Showcases£16800 23 Aug 2005BirminghamMusic
Andy HamiltonAndy Hamilton MBE & The Notebenders£14500 02 Mar 2009BirminghamMusic
Annalisa HousomeThe Amritsar Project£4855 26 Mar 2006BirminghamTheatre
Anne ParoutySpin£5000 25 Sep 2005BirminghamVisual arts
Anurekha Ghosh & CompanyDARSHAN 2 Organisational Development£5000 25 Sep 2005BirminghamDance
Anurekha Ghosh & CompanyNOOR Stage 2£47980 28 May 2007BirminghamDance
Anurekha Ghosh & CompanyStage 7:NOOR Stage 1 (Research & Development)£5000 30 Jan 2006BirminghamMusic
Anurekha Ghosh & CompanyRUINS Additions G4A£5000 22 May 2005BirminghamDance
Anurekha Ghosh & CompanyStage 7: RUINS India Tour£5000 05 Dec 2005BirminghamDance
Artists CircleWalsall Eid Festival 2007£5000 20 Aug 2007BirminghamCombined arts
Aston Performing Arts AcademyResearch and Development: APAA£5000 01 Oct 2008BirminghamMusic
Audiences CentralCreative Growth£5000 11 Sep 2005BirminghamAll artforms
Audiences CentralCapacity Development Programme£241487 27 Feb 2006BirminghamAll artforms
Bangladesh Community TrustBangladeshi Mela 2007£30000 09 May 2007BirminghamCombined arts
Bangladeshi Youth ForumLeadership & Management Skills for Young People£4500 03 Jul 2005BirminghamLiterature
Banner Theatre Co LtdThe Global Workplace£25000 08 Jan 2008BirminghamTheatre
Banner Theatre Co LtdPopular Education Project£5000 04 Nov 2008BirminghamTheatre
Barbara WalkerBarbara Walker Residency at the Bag Factory£7897 12 Aug 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Barbara WalkerLouder Than Words£4052 15 May 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Barbara WalkerProject Research and Professional Development£15400 17 Jul 2005BirminghamVisual arts
BarflyGigbeth£12500 13 Mar 2006BirminghamMusic
Ben PayneUnruly Music£9000 19 Dec 2005BirminghamTheatre
Ben SadlerThe Palace and The Museum£4200 25 Sep 2005BirminghamVisual arts
Bernadette Louise OBrienWhat Goes On In This House....stays in this house£5000 02 Apr 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Big Brum Theatre in Education CompanyTour Of A New Play by Edward Bond: The Under Room£21000 03 Jul 2005BirminghamTheatre
Birmingham ArtistsBirmingham Artists Project 2005-06£18881 19 Jun 2005BirminghamVisual arts
Birmingham Bach Choir TheConcert and a Cone & Sing in Much Wenlock Shropshire£1000 19 Dec 2007BirminghamMusic
Birmingham Book FestivalBirmingham Book Festival - Programme for Activity Spring 2005-Winter 2006£32750 08 May 2005BirminghamLiterature
Birmingham Book FestivalWrite On - Adventures in Writing 2008-2010£70164 09 Sep 2008BirminghamLiterature
Birmingham Book FestivalThe Writers Toolkit £2745 18 Aug 2008BirminghamLiterature
Birmingham Carnival Youth & Art Community Development ProjectBirmingham Carnival - Schools Carnival Project£8650 24 Apr 2005BirminghamCombined arts
Birmingham Childrens HospitalGallery 37 Satellite Project - Science and Theatre£4990 14 Aug 2005BirminghamTheatre
Birmingham City CouncilSuper Tudor Fold£15120 09 May 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Birmingham City CouncilLearning Spaces - Living Places£5000 10 Apr 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Birmingham City CouncilChina Festival£37160 19 Dec 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Birmingham City CouncilYoung Readers Birmingham Childrens Book Festival£91297 05 Feb 2008BirminghamLiterature
Birmingham City CouncilNew Art Birmingham£34256 07 Nov 2005BirminghamVisual arts
Birmingham City Council - Regional European & IntBirmingham - ARALIS Partnership£5000 25 Sep 2005BirminghamTheatre
Birmingham City Council Leisure And CultureBirmingham ArtsFest 2005£65000 19 Jun 2005BirminghamCombined arts
Birmingham City UniversityProfessional Development Project£30000 10 Jul 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Birmingham City UniversityGenerator: New Curatorial Research & Development Bursaries£30000 05 Jun 2005BirminghamVisual arts
Birmingham City UniversityThe 2008 New Generation Arts Festival (Digital)£25000 07 Apr 2008BirminghamCombined arts
Birmingham City UniversityGenerator 2: Curatorial Workshop£6950 17 Jul 2005BirminghamVisual arts
Birmingham City UniversityIPS: Bourneville£16000 11 Sep 2005BirminghamVisual arts
Birmingham City UniversityInternational Project Space £21666 08 Jan 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Birmingham Contemporary Music GroupProduction and Touring of Rumpelstiltskin£81000 09 Jan 2009BirminghamMusic
Birmingham Early Music FestivalBirmingham Early Music Festival£5120 14 Aug 2005BirminghamMusic
Birmingham Eid Mela CommitteeBirmingham Eid Mela 2005£12000 05 Jun 2005BirminghamMusic
Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre Trust LtdBuilding New Audiences through Collaboration£30000 30 Jan 2006BirminghamTheatre
Birmingham International Jazz FestivalUpdating I.T. System£4950 27 Feb 2006BirminghamCombined arts
Birmingham JazzDjango Bates stoRMChaser UK tour£5000 23 Jul 2008BirminghamMusic
Birmingham Museum And Art GalleryArt and Islam£4950 27 Feb 2006BirminghamVisual arts
Birmingham St. Patricks FestivalSt. Patricks Festival 2006£5000 27 Feb 2006BirminghamCombined arts
Birmingham Voluntary ServicesBVSC Writer in Residence£17420 23 Oct 2005BirminghamLiterature
Birmingham YMCAMusic development workshops for young people£4932 28 Apr 2008BirminghamMusic
Birmingham Youth Offending ServiceSecond City Sound£69346 27 Feb 2006BirminghamMusic
Black Voices LimitedUK Tour - Spiritual Journey£16500 22 May 2005BirminghamMusic
Book CommunicationsBeing Alive: Poetry in Performance Tour£33892 19 Jun 2005BirminghamLiterature
Brian ParsonsAttendance at One Route & Womex Conferences£858 25 Sep 2005BirminghamCombined arts
CamcasCentral Africa Music Festival Project in Birmingham£4377 19 Jun 2005BirminghamMusic
Capsule Auk LtdCapsule Organisational development £4935 19 Mar 2008BirminghamCombined arts
Capsule Uk LtdSupersonic Festival and Metal Music Archive£50000 07 Apr 2008BirminghamCombined arts
Capsule Uk LtdSupersonic 2006£24110 26 Mar 2006BirminghamMusic
Carla Willis-BrownSelf Development Project£1120 14 Jan 2009BirminghamMusic
Carla Willis-BrownTraining Grant£1173 31 Jul 2005BirminghamMusic
Carla Willis-BrownTraining and Professional Development£1626 30 Jan 2006BirminghamMusic
Catherine OFlynnSecond novel£7020 19 Dec 2007BirminghamLiterature
Cathy MilesChelsea Crafts Fair£1657 10 Jul 2005BirminghamVisual arts
Charlotte SmithThe Intervention Series£1652 14 Aug 2005BirminghamAll artforms
China PlateThe Dark Room 2009/10£38230 10 Mar 2009BirminghamTheatre
Chitraleka Dance CompanyFrom Stardust To life£39900 18 Oct 2007BirminghamDance
Chitraleka Dance CompanyTears of Fire£5000 05 Dec 2005BirminghamDance
Chris CooperArtistic Reflection & Renewal£8720 29 Feb 2008BirminghamTheatre
Chris + KeirMay Be Protest...£2975 02 Apr 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Chris + KeirDigital Tourists£1004 04 Aug 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Community Integration PartnershipWomen Into Art£5000 26 Jun 2007BirminghamVisual arts
CraftspaceSlow (working title)£49500 12 Dec 2008BirminghamVisual arts
CraftspaceMade in the Middle 2006-8£46400 21 Nov 2005BirminghamVisual arts
Creative College in the CommunityApprenticeship Project£44250 03 Jul 2007BirminghamAll artforms
Daholl Kurdish EnsembleInfusion Ensemble Training Programme£18700 08 Jan 2009BirminghamMusic
DanceXchangeBirmingham International Dance Festival£165000 28 Aug 2007BirminghamDance
DanceXchangeDAiR To...£120000 03 Jul 2005BirminghamDance
DanceXchangeJerwood Changing Stages Choreolab 2£30000 05 Dec 2005BirminghamDance
Darren MorrisonResearch£1000 23 Jul 2008BirminghamMusic
Dave Pollard500 Project - research and development£4970 19 Dec 2005BirminghamCombined arts
David BrownCultural Splash£4351 13 Aug 2007BirminghamVisual arts
David CollierDocumentation of a Failed attempt at Communication£4996 19 Mar 2008BirminghamVisual arts
David MillerIntertidal Zone Art Monitoring Station - Project 2005£740 10 Apr 2005BirminghamVisual arts
David ThomasSolo Exhibition entrance Gallery Prague£4317 17 Mar 2009BirminghamVisual arts
Deborah KermodeBishops Castle Contemporary Arts Festival£5000 10 Jul 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Designer Maker West MidlandsDMWM mid-career fellowship mentoring programme£71000 29 Jul 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Dilwara BegumNatures Breadth£5000 10 Apr 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Duende ProductionsDread Sounds£29211 11 Jun 2007BirminghamTheatre
Dynamics Community Arts LtdHodge Hill Cohesion Arts£43766 16 Jul 2007BirminghamCombined arts
Eccleston Roy McfarlaneFor The Love Of Auset£5000 30 Apr 2007BirminghamTheatre
Elemental Worldwide LLPEye of the Storm£37356 19 Dec 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Esther LordOrigin - The London Craft Fair£2000 17 Jun 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Eternus RebellusMount Misery£5000 15 Apr 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Ex CathedraEx Cathedra XL Anniversary Project £50000 02 Apr 2008BirminghamMusic
Fierce Festival LimitedPlatinum£99536 27 May 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Fierce Festival LimitedWikifest£30000 14 May 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Flatpack Festival LtdFlatpack Festival 2009-2011£22000 20 Oct 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Fracture West MidlandsDance for the Screen Commission£23000 17 Apr 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Friction ArtsEchoes from the Edge£44900 18 Aug 2008BirminghamCombined arts
Friction ArtsReality Estate£33000 24 Apr 2007BirminghamMusic
Friends Of Cotteridge ParkCoCoMAD£5000 30 Apr 2007BirminghamCombined arts
Full Potential ArtsConnect Through Art£11500 25 Aug 2008BirminghamVisual arts
FusedFused at SxSW£5000 04 Mar 2008BirminghamMusic
Gavin WadeStrategic Questions£29793 15 May 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Geese Theatre CompanySweatbox£36735 26 Jun 2007BirminghamTheatre
GigbethGigbeth 2007£35000 25 Sep 2007BirminghamMusic
Gillian TwaiteDont Blame it on the Wolf (R+D Project)£10330 24 Mar 2009BirminghamTheatre
GreentreeGG(Professional) Summit08-Cultural Leadership £5000 01 Oct 2008BirminghamMusic
Handsworth Park Association (The)Bandstand Bash£5000 24 Jul 2007BirminghamCombined arts
Hanyong Theatre Projects LimitedFutures an intercultural theatre collaboration£63518 29 Jul 2008BirminghamTheatre
Hanyong Theatre Projects LimitedVisit of the bridge in Australia and Asia Pacific £5000 20 Nov 2007BirminghamTheatre
Hanyong Theatre Projects LimitedAcross the East Sea - Phase One£18500 19 Apr 2007BirminghamTheatre
Helen KellyMiddle Aged Man Interrupted: Migraine Stories£4960 08 Oct 2007BirminghamLiterature
Hi8us Midlands LtdCOMIX: Creativity Collaboration Across Borders£49656 17 Feb 2009BirminghamVisual arts
Higher Level MusicGospel Music Event£10000 22 Oct 2007BirminghamMusic
Hudson and WattObject of Desire£5000 24 Jul 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Ikon GalleryRuth Claxton£21190 13 Dec 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Ikon GalleryPlease Excuse Our Appearance£12000 21 May 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Innovate Arts CICSchools Engagement Programme (SEP)£20000 01 Oct 2008BirminghamLiterature
Isabella HartOrigin£1150 02 Sep 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Issa JamesDay As Dark As Light£1950 15 May 2007BirminghamTheatre
Jacqui RowePoetry Mentoring£2500 29 Jul 2008BirminghamLiterature
James OHanlonImages of Birmingham and Ramallah (Palestine)£1400 27 Jan 2009BirminghamVisual arts
Jane PackmanTreasured - a secret journey£3870 19 Dec 2007BirminghamTheatre
Jane Packman PerformancesThe Woods Project - Research and Development£4500 09 Sep 2008BirminghamTheatre
Jasmine JohnsonThe development of Mr Soon Come into a play script£4500 16 Oct 2007BirminghamLiterature
Jaspal JalafProfessional Training£3850 15 Jul 2008BirminghamMusic
Jayne MurrayBrickhouse Missing you Already Part 2£5000 29 Feb 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Jill NormanOut of context£5000 26 Mar 2009BirminghamTheatre
Jiva ParthipanRent & Centres Peripheries and Beyond£14332 30 Apr 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Jiva ParthipanJiva Parthipan£4972 16 Dec 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Joanna SkeltFreedom Town: Poetry Residency £16765 02 Dec 2008BirminghamLiterature
Kalwant BansalArtistic Business Development£4750 27 Jan 2009BirminghamVisual arts
Karen TrusselleThe Magical Power of the Painted Image£2625 13 Aug 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Karin KihlbergInternational Residency Programme£10680 03 Feb 2009BirminghamVisual arts
Karina ThompsonPattern Within£4850 17 Jun 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Kindle TheatreEat Your Heart Out (research and development)£5000 04 Nov 2008BirminghamTheatre
Lithuanian Youth Association of United KingdomCulture Jam£4015 20 Nov 2007BirminghamMusic
Little EarthquakeThe Haunting and The Houdini Exposure£28881 11 Nov 2008BirminghamTheatre
Liz JohnThe Game£4949 30 Jul 2007BirminghamTheatre
Lizzy BeanEarth Sculpture Research & Development £4990 07 Apr 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Lola AdodoLillies On Water£3680 19 Jun 2007BirminghamDance
Loudmouth Educational TheatreHighgate Youth & Community Project£9980 01 Jul 2008BirminghamTheatre
Louise CattrellASCENT£3192 22 Sep 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Lucy NichollsFinished With The War£4529 17 Jun 2008BirminghamDance
MACWoza Albert£16064 06 Sep 2007BirminghamTheatre
MACInternational Research Visits£3457 24 Mar 2009BirminghamVisual arts
MACSouth African Photography Residency£4995 10 Sep 2007BirminghamVisual arts
MACElves & the Shoemakers in a version by Mike Kenny£6827 07 Mar 2008BirminghamTheatre
MadeMaking Sense Of Places£37607 15 May 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Mandy RossCradle to Grave£4995 19 Mar 2008BirminghamLiterature
Manveer SinghMy Journey£4000 26 Jun 2007BirminghamMusic
Maria Garcia - BernalJose Luis Puches Exhibition "Next Stop"£3750 20 May 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Maria OnyegbuleProfessional and Artistic development£12280 03 Sep 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Mark EssenAtlas£2540 07 Apr 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Martin GlynnYo Blood£4500 29 Oct 2008BirminghamTheatre
Mary WakelamAttend Vision Festival NYC 2008£1000 27 May 2008BirminghamMusic
MAT (Midland Actors Theatre)New play commission & programme of workshops£14537 16 Dec 2008BirminghamTheatre
Matthew PriceBinary Oppositions£5000 06 Aug 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Matthew RobinsonMatt Robinson/Phoenix Brighton£5000 10 Dec 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Max KandholaPhotography Festival 2007£465 16 Jul 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Mel BirkillOpportunities for Offenders£5000 22 Apr 2008BirminghamMusic
MetaphysiqueHeart and Soul£11695 13 Dec 2007BirminghamLiterature
Michelle LordConcrete Island£4950 03 Apr 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Mid*pointDevelopment between Venues in West Midlands£29265 16 Dec 2008BirminghamTheatre
Midland Creative Projects LtdChanging Lives - Novation£14505 17 Jun 2008BirminghamNot artform specific
Midland Creative Projects LtdResearch and Planning Project£4479 14 Nov 2007BirminghamLiterature
Midlands Offstage Skills Consortium (Group Training) LtdMOSC organisational & network development£12500 16 Dec 2008BirminghamTheatre
Milk St StudiosMilk Street Studios£65900 18 Nov 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Miranda SharpeNew York International Gift Fair£2970 05 Jun 2007BirminghamVisual arts
MLA West MidlandsNews Ways of Curating£100000 11 Sep 2008BirminghamVisual arts
MLA West MidlandsNew Ways of Curating - interregnum Phase£14000 15 Jul 2008BirminghamVisual arts
MLA West MidlandsNew Ways of Curating£12500 13 Aug 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Moby Duck LtdThe Tribanghi Project£13900 19 Feb 2008BirminghamCombined arts
Moby Duck LtdIm Still HUNGRY£54225 18 Sep 2008BirminghamCombined arts
ModulateBirmingham Sound Matter£10670 09 Sep 2008BirminghamCombined arts
ModulateModulate CoCart Performance £1550 16 Dec 2008BirminghamMusic
Mohsen KeianyTwo Artists Two Wars£4400 18 Nov 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Mohsen KeianyColourful Dreams£4900 11 Dec 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Moqapi SelassieSankofa Project£6500 20 May 2008BirminghamTheatre
Moseley Folk LimitedMoseley Folk Festival 2008£10000 23 Jul 2008BirminghamMusic
Moseley Folk LimitedMoseley Folk Festival 2007£6348 30 Jul 2007BirminghamMusic
Natasha GodfreyWe Were Only Going To Buy Some Bun & Cheese£4938 25 Sep 2007BirminghamLiterature
National Express Limited BirminghamDigbeth Public Art Project£66000 02 Mar 2009BirminghamVisual arts
Nicola PughDislocate 07£1757 19 Jun 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Nicola PughAlmost Perfect£2000 01 Oct 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Nicola PughEmergent game in Japan£4994 23 Jul 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Nicola ShipleyA New Response to Agriculture£4600 03 Jun 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Nishkam Civic AssociationThe Living Guru£18000 09 Sep 2008BirminghamNot artform specific
Nu Century ArtsLive Box£38175 09 Sep 2008BirminghamMusic
Nu Century ArtsLive Box£36795 28 Aug 2007BirminghamMusic
Nu Century ArtsComing up for Air£20900 14 May 2008BirminghamTheatre
Opera MintPaul and Tom£3500 11 Jun 2007BirminghamMusic
Orit AzazPlaying in Public Places: A Creative Enquiry£4650 28 Aug 2007BirminghamTheatre
Parminder Singh JutlaHomeland£3124 22 Oct 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Pawprint Theatrical ProductionsNeon: A New Community Musical£12181 08 Jan 2008BirminghamTheatre
Performances Birmingham LtdYoung Midnight Hop£38755 29 Apr 2007BirminghamMusic
PILOTPILOT Nights£35134 24 Jun 2008BirminghamTheatre
Play House (Birmingham) LimitedRoll up Roll up£19017 19 Dec 2007BirminghamTheatre
Play House (Birmingham) LimitedOut of the Box and into the Garden£35824 10 Jun 2008BirminghamTheatre
Play House (Birmingham) LimitedLondons Burning & Kindertransport£33455 10 Mar 2009BirminghamTheatre
Plus International Design FestivalPlus International Design Festival£20000 28 Aug 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Plus International Design FestivalHYBRID Artist Commissions£5000 09 Sep 2008BirminghamCombined arts
Poetry On Loan West MidlandsPoetry on Loan: 2008 - 2010£33493 19 Feb 2008BirminghamLiterature
Polly HudsonPerformance Piece for New Vibes£3100 19 Jun 2007BirminghamDance
PramPram/Filmficciones tour of festivals £2500 01 Oct 2008BirminghamCombined arts
Pritam SinghBeating Drums for Brums heritage£11240 16 Jul 2007BirminghamMusic
Project BProject B: avlija£4760 10 Apr 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Project BProject B: sebilj£21668 22 Oct 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Project X PresentsObject X and Digital X£4992 25 Aug 2008BirminghamCombined arts
Project X PresentsX-Lab: v1£2261 31 Jan 2008BirminghamCombined arts
Rachel SambrooksThe Loneliness of Mrs Lint£4800 24 Apr 2007BirminghamLiterature
Reel Access LtdJanus and the White Horse£9950 31 Oct 2007BirminghamCombined arts
Refugee and Asylum Seeker Arts AgencyOrganisational Development£4935 19 Dec 2007BirminghamNot artform specific
Robin SurgeonerAll The Things I Could Have Been£17053 24 Feb 2009BirminghamCombined arts
RootsvilleRootsville Midsummer Festival£5000 11 Jun 2007BirminghamMusic
Rosie Kay Dance CompanyThe Wild Party£42881 05 Jun 2007BirminghamDance
Rosie Kay Dance CompanyCreation and regional tour of Supernova£48046 01 Jul 2008BirminghamDance
Sajida AsifPEACE£4050 24 Mar 2009BirminghamCombined arts
SAMPADInternational Dance Development Programme£9850 08 Oct 2007BirminghamDance
SAMPADDance Intense£20000 03 Feb 2009BirminghamDance
Samuel HarrisonWorld Percussion Cultural Workshop£5000 10 Jul 2007BirminghamMusic
Sanj KavanaghBurdock Block£5000 06 Nov 2007BirminghamCombined arts
Shah JahanSolo Exhibition at Glasgow Project Room£4980 10 Apr 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Sharon FosterMentoring programme for Producing and Tour Booking£4878 20 Nov 2007BirminghamTheatre
Shimron DixonThe Main Event (TME)£2900 21 May 2007BirminghamAll artforms
Sian EvansEating Art: Exploring Arts Relationship to Food£4970 17 Jun 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Sima GonsaiCycle Dialogues Project£5000 10 Jul 2007BirminghamLiterature
Simon CotterillTimeslides£3582 14 Jan 2009BirminghamVisual arts
Simon WalkerEchoes£5000 29 Feb 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Sofia HultenSofia Hulten Works 2000 - 2007£5000 19 Dec 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Something & Nothing LimitedPatrick and Bernadine - Autumn Tour 2008£17557 29 Jul 2008BirminghamTheatre
Something & Nothing LimitedBookface£5000 16 Dec 2008BirminghamTheatre
Sonar R&D GroupSonar Research and Development£2500 11 Jun 2007BirminghamMusic
Sonia Sabri CompanyParallels National Tour 2008-09£26964 01 Oct 2008BirminghamDance
Sonia Sabri CompanySudden£5000 10 Jun 2008BirminghamDance
Sonia Sabri CompanyParallels£21439 20 May 2007BirminghamDance
Sophie RushRhubarb Rhubarb Portfolio Review£507 26 Jun 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Sophie RushPhotographer in Residence at a Refuge£25603 15 Apr 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Soweto Kinch ProductionsHockley Flyover Project£26000 14 May 2008BirminghamMusic
Stans Cafe TheatreOf All The People In The world - World Version£35320 29 Jul 2008BirminghamTheatre
Stephen Earl RogersProduction and research of a new body of work£9000 29 Jul 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Steve BallASSITEJ World - Performing Arts Festival £917 06 Dec 2007BirminghamCombined arts
Steve BlundellAttendance at International Seminar £739 22 Apr 2008BirminghamLiterature
Strange Ways Cheapside Show £13900 22 Apr 2008BirminghamVisual arts
Stuart MillsThoroughfare£1820 21 May 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Sudden ProductionsTell me....Lies£15000 19 Feb 2008BirminghamTheatre
The Cancer Centre Arts Programme University Hospital BirminghamRBSA Exhibition and Artists Residency£3850 14 Jan 2009BirminghamVisual arts
The Dance Consortium LimitedDeveloping Audiences for Large Scale International£230935 13 Jun 2007BirminghamDance
The Dance Consortium LimitedNDT1 and Stephen Petronio Company£453943 25 Jul 2007BirminghamDance
The DestroyersCurzonora£4000 17 Feb 2009BirminghamMusic
The National TrustWhose Story? This Is Britain£30053 24 Feb 2009BirminghamVisual arts
The Other Way WorksArchitecture Week Cityscape Project£9180 21 May 2007BirminghamVisual arts
The Other Way Works"In A Room Like This" - Development£4950 06 Nov 2007BirminghamTheatre
The Shape of ThingsThe Shape of Things (balance transfer 6379872)£215000 19 Mar 2009BirminghamVisual arts
The Virtual CollegeVirtual College Multimedia Project£13928 08 Jan 2008BirminghamDance
Traditional Arts FoundationSupporting Young Storytellers£5000 03 Feb 2009BirminghamLiterature
Traditional Arts FoundationDeveloping Young Tongues£4955 25 Sep 2007BirminghamLiterature
Tyrone HugginsThe Honey Man Incubation£4780 02 Mar 2009BirminghamTheatre
Ulfah ArtsWest Midlands World Music Consortium£4672 02 Oct 2007BirminghamMusic
Ulfah ArtsMuslim Women Music Makers Campaign£5000 02 Sep 2008BirminghamMusic
Ulrich HeinenRecording Project: BACH +£1900 04 Mar 2008BirminghamMusic
Unit 20 Visual Artists SocietyExchange exhibitions Bordeaux/ Birmingham£4751 16 Oct 2008BirminghamVisual arts
University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation TrustArtist in Residence£28225 03 Apr 2007BirminghamVisual arts
University Of BirminghamArtists Insights£20000 24 Jul 2007BirminghamVisual arts
Vijay BensalSeasons£2500 10 Mar 2009BirminghamMusic
VividDream Spaces - For Architecture Week 2007£4995 10 Apr 2007BirminghamVisual arts
West Midlands World Music ConsortiumWM WMC - Bursary Programme£14400 07 Oct 2008BirminghamMusic
Winsome HallsSistagurl£1340 06 Dec 2007BirminghamMusic
Women And Theatre (Birmingham) LtdWomen and Theatre Organisational Development£42357 11 Apr 2007BirminghamTheatre
Women And Theatre (Birmingham) LtdThe Bad One 2008£55273 24 Jan 2008BirminghamTheatre
World UnlimitedFrom the Roots up- 20 years of musical adventures£15000 03 Feb 2009BirminghamMusic
[insertspace][insertspace] programme 2009£12366 16 Dec 2008BirminghamCombined arts